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Operating Budget 2017-18

Operating Budget 2017-18 Operating Budget 2017-18

Operating Budget 2017-18

The Board of Trustees approved the 2017-18 operating budget on June 20, 2017.

The Province has again funded us for enrolment growth, to ensure that the approximately 2,000 new students we welcome in our schools next year will be funded. We always look to maximize the dollars directed towards students and their success.

Highlights of the budget include:

  • The number of school-based teachers will increase by 92 full time equivalent (FTE) positions and school based support staff by 26 FTE positions.
  • Funds allocated directly to schools have increased by $12.5 million to fund enrolment growth of 1.7 per cent and the opening of four new schools.
  • $1.1 billion dollars (including 8,732 FTEs) will be spent on instruction in direct support of the achievement of success for each student.
  • The CBE will continue to have one of the lowest Board and System Administration costs of all metro school boards.
  • As per Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees, Instructional Supplies and Materials fees will be eliminated for all students and transportation fees reduced or eliminated for those eligible under Provincial guidelines.
  • Non-facility capital project spending is budgeted at $22.9 million, including:
    • $2.6 million to support the commissioning of new schools scheduled to open in the 2018-19 year.  
    • $2.2 million for wireless upgrades to address functionality issues.
    • $5.6 million for technology replacement and refresh.
    • $7.0 million for the development and implementation of the new Student Information System (SIS).

View complete budget report.  

For more information on how we fund our schools, please see our 2017-18 Resource Allocation Method for Schools and our fact sheet, “where does school funding go?

We encourage you to continue to take part in the budget process by visiting our Budget Feedback Form and sharing your budget priorities and thoughts with us.

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