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Operating Budget 2018-19

Operating Budget 2018-19 Operating Budget 2018-19

Operating Budget 2018-19

​The CBE's 2018-19 budget was approved by the Board of Trustees on May 22, 2018.

The $1.4 billion budget will support the operation of 249 schools and an estimated 123,513 students.

The budget includes:
  • A designated and supported math leader in each school.
  • Implementing a replacement Student Information System that provides greater access to and use of student profile data for students, families, teachers and leaders, supports best practices in assessment and grading and creates administrative efficiencies.
  • Preparing for the implementation of new kindergarten – Grade 4 Programs of Study.
  • Continuing to evaluate and act on the results of the system-wide staff engagement survey.
  • Funds allocated directly to schools have increased by $22.5 million, not including the CIF. The CIF adds an additional $13.3 million to schools.  
    • This increase funds enrolment growth of 1.5 per cent and the opening of two new schools.
  • Noon supervision fees will increase by up to 3.9 per cent and transportation fees by 4.5 per cent due to increased costs of providing those services.
  • In order to maximize dollars available for students in the classroom, service unit budgets are reduced by 3-10 per cent (approx. $15 million) of discretionary budgets. Approximately 69 FTEs have been reduced in service units and Areas.
  • Non-school facility capital project spending is budgeted at $31.6 million.
  • As directed by the Board of Trustees, full-day kindergarten is maintained at 16 sites. This $2.2 million cost is partially paid from reserves (up to $1.2 million).

To hear more about our planning for the 2018-19 budget year, please see our video: 2018-19 Budget Planning Process with CFO Brad Grundy.

Our budget priorities are shaped by our shared values:

  • students come first
  • learning is our central purpose
  • public education serves the common good
As always, we read each and every email you send. Our finance team sees all of your input and ideas. We encourage you to take this opportunity to communicate with us. Your name and email address can be submitted confidentially if you wish. Please click here for our feedback form.
We are reporting all feedback to our community, excluding personal details. This feedback will be posted both online and in this year’s Budget Assumptions Report.
See budget feedback reports.
The PDF is updated periodically so please check back for the latest feedback.
2018-19 Budget Timeline
​March 22, 2018 ​Provincial budget released
​April 6, 2018 ​Budget Assumptions Report posted on
​April 10, 2018 ​Budget Assumptions Report presented to the Board of Trustees
​April 11, 2018 ​Budget presentation at COSC meeting
​April 12, 2018 ​RAM released to schools
​May 11, 2018 ​Budget posted on
​May 15, 2018 ​Budget presented to Board of Trustees
​May 22, 2018 ​Board of Trustees budget approval date before submission to Province

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