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Operating Budget 2019-20

Operating Budget 2019-20 Operating Budget 2019-20

Operating Budget 2019-20

The Board of Trustees has approved the Calgary Board of Education’s 2019-20 Students Come First budget for submission to Alberta Education.

The budget assumes that funding will remain constant at 2018-19 levels, at approximately $1.4 billion. As required by law, the 2019-20 budget is balanced. Adjustments will be made in the fall as needed when the Province releases its 2019-20 budget.

An expected addition of 1,800 students and the possibility of funding levels remaining flat meant a prudent approach with the budget. Several budget-balancing strategies were used to cover the $40 million that would be required to keep supports and services at levels consistent with the 2018-19 school year.

Holding staffing levels essentially constant at 2018-19 levels in our schools and areas for 2019-20 reduces budget pressure by $22 million. The remainder of the budget pressure of $18 million will be addressed through a range of other strategies, including cuts to service units and the use of reserve funds.

The budget provides for many positive impacts to student learning in 2019-20, including:

  • Increased focus on math and literacy
  • Enhancing focus on the Indigenous Education Strategy
  • Increasing the number of specialized classes
  • Continuing to fund full day kindergarten at 16 locations
  • Continuing to provide seven years of English Language Learner support
  • Addressing equity throughout the system
  • Improving accessibility and instructional support to principals, school staff, students and families through a new school support model

Provide Your Input on the CBE’s 2019-20 Budget

As always, we read each and every email you send. Our finance team sees all of your input and ideas. We encourage you to take this opportunity to communicate with us. Your name and email address can be submitted confidentially if you wish. Please click here for our feedback form.

We are reporting all feedback to our community, excluding personal details. This feedback will be posted both online and in this year’s Budget Assumptions Report. 

See budget feedback reports.
The PDF is updated periodically so please check back for the latest feedback.

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