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Assessment & Reporting

Assessment & Reporting Overview of Assessment & Reporting

Overview of Assessment & Reporting

​Assessing student learning is an ongoing cycle of gathering, interpreting and responding to student work. Assessment is used to inform the next steps in learning and evaluate student knowledge and understanding in relationship to the learner outcomes.

Daily, ongoing assessment and report cards are not separate. They inform each other. Both are based on outcomes from the Alberta Programs of Study and inform next steps for learners and teachers.

Outcomes – Based Reporting

In the Calgary Board of Education, student learning is assessed and understood against a report card stem. These stems are derived from the Alberta Education Programs of Study

​Student learning is communicated using established measures such as a 1 to 4 scale. These indicators are used to express the extent to which a student has achieved the outcomes.

Principal Pat Thalheimer explains the value of outcomes-based assessment and reporting

Teacher and student

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