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Program Setting & Delivery CBE Home Education

CBE Home Education

CBE Home Education is designed for families who wish to be responsible for offering a program of studies for their child by developing, administering, managing and evaluating the progress of their student, and maintaining a record of those studies.



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Shared Responsibility Programming

This is an education program that consists of a school-provided program and a home education program.

Parent-Directed Program

In this program the parent is responsible for curricular choices while ensuring that the program is consistent with the student learning outcomes listed in the Alberta Regulation 145/2006 Home Education Regulation. Assessment is parent-directed according to the child’s needs.

​CBE Home Education Funding

All parents of students registered in the Home Education Program by September 30 will be eligible to receive supplemental funding, (Alberta Regulation 126/99) to augment their learning.

This funding is in addition to the many services available at CBE Home Education and will allow parents to access resources, services, facilities, and supplies not directly provided by CBE Home Education (Windsor Park).

Student must be registered by Sept. 30 to be entitled to funding.

Parents are responsible for educational costs and may submit receipts between Nov. 1 to May 1 for reimbursement for the current school year. You can learn more about reimbursements on the CBE Home Education website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the shared responsibility classes entail?

These classes are project based classes. Students will gain the knowledge regarding curriculum outcomes in class and further explore these topics with projects on their own time.

What does cross-curricular mean?

Cross-curricular is a way of teaching math, science, social studies and language arts in an integrative fashion. Each topic is taught as a theme that is inclusive of all four subjects rather than as separate subjects.

For example, in social studies we may be studying pioneers and learning about the shelters they live in. In science we will learn how to build these shelters using different materials. In math we will measure the amount of material needed and in language arts, we may write a story about the pioneers and their shelters. In a cross-curricular course, we would teach this as one topic by talking about the pioneers and their shelters, writing a story about them and then building the shelters using specified dimensions and materials.

How will my child in the shared responsibility program be assessed?

Your child will be assessed in a variety of informal and formal ways. A mid-year and a final assessment will be completed by the parent and facilitator and placed in the student's file.

Parents are welcome to inquire about the progress of their child at anytime during the year.​

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