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​Opportunities for Student Athletes

We provide many opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports at different levels. School-based athletic programs create an important sense of community, school spirit and pride. Please visit your school’s website or contact the school to find out what team sports or other athletic opportunities are offered to students.

To support students who compete in their sport at an elite level, we offer a specialized program at the National Sport School. This program provides flexibility to students who need to balance their academic schedule with a rigorous training and competition schedule.

National Sport School

The National Sport School provides a supportive learning environment to enable developing high-performance athletes to mature as self-directed, life-long learners while pursuing excellence in sport. The National Sport School is open to students in grades 9-12. The student population is currently comprised of athletes who compete in more than 20 different sports.

Students have a flexible schedule that enables them to train and compete in their sport, while continuing their secondary education. The program follows the Alberta Programs of Study curriculum.

Key features of the National Sport School include:

  • A learning environment that uses advanced online technologies to support learning.
  • Teacher advisors for each student-athlete.
  • Students have access to instruction 24/7.
  • A sport psychologist on staff.
  • Sport psychology courses. 
  • A four-period day with fixed-time classes including embedded am and pm tutorials.
  • Personal learning plans (IPPs) for each student-athlete.

Visit the National Sport School website for more information.


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