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Teaching Philosophy Indigenous Focus

Indigenous Focus

Is an Indigenous Focus the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • pride by focusing on academic, cultural and individual growth
  • a desire to learn through an Indigenous lens
  • active participation in regular ceremonial activities
  • engagement in language learning experiences, dancing, drumming, singing and cultural arts activities

Characteristics of an Indigenous Focus

  • Supports and encourages child and family development in a balanced manner
  • Addresses physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of life and development
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit focus on language, early literacy, academics, social development and elementary school preparation with a strong cultural foundation based on the Medicine Wheel and the Seven Sacred Teachings.

How to Register

  • Registration for 2019-20 begins January 2019.
  • Refer to designated school’s website for parent information session. Attend parent information session and/or view informational presentation.
  • Complete registration package and take to designated school.
  • Packages will be accepted starting Jan. 14, 2019.
  • Packages must be received by Feb. 12, 2019 at noon.

For families that are new to the CBE and not Canadian citizens​, please note you must first attend the Kingsland Reception Centre for an initial assessment prior to registering for an Alternative Program.

​Students New to CBE
Students currently enrolled with CBE
​Completed Student Registration Form ​Completed Transfer Request
Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Programs ​Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Programs
Transportation Information​ Transportation Information​ ​
Aboriginal Focus Aboriginal Focus



Please see Transportation for Alternative Programs​ for important information. Parents will want to carefully consider the transportation services to and from the alternative program they want to enrol their child in.
Transportation to the Medicine Wheel Program at Valley View School is not provided.


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