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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy Traditional Learning Centre (TLC)

Traditional Learning Centre (TLC)

Is the Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • self-management and organizational skills and a commitment to daily homework
  • a willingness to participate in positive social interactions and take a leadership role when engaging in problem solving, acts of citizenship, and service
  • a willingness to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum and an eagerness for knowledge and service
  • respect for self, others, and the environment
  • a willingness to work independently

Characteristics of the TLC Program

  • Character education intentionally taught and reinforced daily and demonstrated through service to the school, local and global community
  • Whole group direct instruction that is sequential and enriched as the primary teaching approach
  • Elementary and middle schoool students are in straight grades. Students may be regrouped for specific subjects based on their ability.
  • Early literacy includes explicit instruction in phonics, spelling, and grammar.
  • French is required from Gr. 1 through Gr. 9.
  • Music is required from kindergarten through Gr. 9. While all TLC middle schools will offer Instrumental Music (Band), other Music options may be offered.
  • Homework expectations are in place for Gr. 1-9. Homework will be based on classroom instruction and personalization for students’ needs. It will be meaningful and with the purpose of reinforcing classroom teachings and support students in the work of developing time management, organizational and study skills.
  • In Kindergarten, parents are encouraged to read with their child on a nightly basis and review concepts that may be provided by their classroom teacher.
  • Mandatory school uniform
  • Daily singing of O Canada in either French or English
  • The TLC program ends in Gr. 9.

The information above only provides a general overview of the TLC program. However, each school with a TLC program is unique in terms of it's facility and optional course offerings. Speak with the principal at your designated TLC school for specific information. The classroom teacher along with school administration make decisions about individual student's learning.

How to Register

  • Registration for 2019-20 begins January 2019.
  • Refer to your designated school’s website for parent information session. Attend parent information session and/or view informational presentation.
  • Complete registration package and take to designated school.
  • Packages will be accepted starting Jan. 14, 2019.
  • ​Packages must be received by Feb. 12, 2019 at noon.

​For students that are new to the CBE and the student is not a Canadian Citizen, please note you must first attend the Kingsland Reception Centre for an initial assessment prior to registering for an Alternative Program.

Students New to CBE​
Students currently enrolled with CBE
Completed Student Registration Form ​Completed Transfer Request
Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Traditional Learning Centre Program Registration ​Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Traditional Learning Centre Program Registration
Transportation Information​ Transportation Information​ ​
Traditional Learning Centre Program Traditional Learning Centre Program


  • See Fees page for fees that apply to all CBE students
  • Uniform cost (approximately $400.00)
  • Costs associated with the band program


Please see Transportation for Alternative Programs​ for important information. Parents will want to carefully consider the transportation services to and from the alternative program they want to enrol their child in.


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