Coventry Hills/Country Hills Second Elementary School
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Building & Modernizing Schools

Building & Modernizing Schools Coventry Hills/Country Hills Village Second Elementary School

Coventry Hills/Country Hills Village Second Elementary School

711 Coventry Drive NE

Anticipated Opening Date: September 2020
Grades | K-4

Construction Status

The construction status is updated using the Construction Projects Status Report.

May 2019

Design and Specifications​ ​100%
​Construction Award ​100%
​Construction Progress ​1%
​Note: Project Managed by Alberta Infrastructure. Contractor mobilized to site Mar. 2019. Erosion and sedimentation control and site preparation underway.


Feb. 2019

Design and Specifications​ ​100%
​Construction Award ​100%
​Construction Progress ​0%
​Note: Project Managed by Alberta Infrastructure. Contractor anticipated to mobilize to site in February 2019.



How was information shared with the community?

An open house was held on Feb. 1, 2018 at Nose Creek School to share the proposed design of this school with the community.

Why was this site chosen for the new school?

The Municipal Government Act requires 10% of new development area to be designated for amenities: parks; public space; community association sites; and school sites. The CBE works with The City, the Calgary Catholic School District and community developers to select school sites based on catchment areas within new developments. There is a balance between population, number and type of residential units, location and land dedication.

Why is the CBE building this new school?

Based on the size of Coventry Hills/Country Hills Village, CBE has two elementary and one middle school sites. There is also one high school site located within the community of Coventry Hills.

The 2nd elementary school in Coventry was ranked as CBE’s 2nd priority for new school construction in the Three Year School Capital Plan 2018-2021. The project was approved in March 2017 by Alberta Education. At that time there were 1,696 pre-school aged children and 996 Kindergarten to Grade 4 students residing in Coventry Hills/Country Hills Village. The existing middle school (Nose Creek) and elementary school (Coventry Hills) have a combined capacity of 1,535 student spaces. The September 2018 utilization rate at Coventry Hills school was 96% and it was 114% at Nose Creek School. Construction of the second elementary school will allow CBE to accommodate students within the community by balancing enrolment between the three schools in the future.

Mar. 19, 2019

Bird Construction has mobilized to site and construction will be getting underway. The Site Plan that is linked on the right-hand side of this page shows the footprint of the school on the site. Please note that changes to the parking lot as indicated on this site plan are currently under consideration and conversations with impacted stakeholders in the community will be taking place soon. ​

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