Managing Space For Students


​​Attendance Area

An area established under Section 13(2) of the School Act for student attendance within the boundaries of the CBE.


Every CBE student is assigned to a school based on their home address and their program needs. If the designated school is full, the students who cannot be accommodated will be bused to an overflow school.

Designation Notice

This is the decision letter. It describes the changes that have resulted from the engagement.  

Grade Configuration

This identifies the grades that are offered by a school, ie. Gr. 5-9.

International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) 

This is an international organization advancing the practice of public participation. 


The process for accepting students at schools and into programs that are full (at capacity). 


Student Accommodation and Facilities Strategy


Student Enrolment Report


System Student Accommodation Plan


Those people affected by or involved in an issue. CBE stakeholders may include parents, students, CBE employees, taxpayers and others. 

Student Accommodation

This combines the aspects of:

  • School facility

  • Number of students

  • Program(s) offered

  • Communities that the school supports


Online engagement tool used to collect stakeholder input. Formerly called Thoughtstream.


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