Museum School

Museum School


Stories come alive when artifacts disclose their secrets.  Museum School opens the door to Glenbow’s world-class exhibits where students will see the brushstrokes in a painting and feel the stitching in a moccasin.  Glenbow experiences are designed to inspire curiosity and engage all learners.
Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Using Art and Objects to Practice Imaginative Learning 
  • Connecting the Stories of the Past to the Present
  • Exploring the Blackfoot Way of Life
  • Becoming a Global Citizen

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Marnie McCormack

Marnie McCormack came to Calgary to teach after graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria, specializing in art education. After becoming involved in art gallery education she returned to university to complete a degree in Art History and has been involved in gallery and museum education in the Calgary area for the past 25 years. Conferences withHarvard Education’s Project Zero and the International Educator’s Workshop at the Lincoln Center Institute in NewYork have brought new ideas to Marnie’s practice and supported her belief that using real art and hands on objects is the best pathway to imaginative learning. Marnie’s teaching goal is to create an environment that encourages exploration and experimentation.

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​Cell: 403.262.4045

Amanda Foote

Amanda Foote has worked in community-based settings across North America, and is particularly interested in the use of heritage in community development. She utilizes diverse media, such as film, art, and music, in much of her work, and is passionate about the responsibility we all have to youth and our communities. Amanda believes in experiential learning, and has earned degrees in Museum and Heritage Studies from NYU and University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is a member of Canada’s biggest all female urban arts collective, the Big Kitty Crew, and sits on the board of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society.

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