Science School

Science School

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Ignite curiosity

TELUS Spark is a place where young people build new ideas. Hands-on activities spark a sense of wonder. Experiences provide students with the opportunity to explore while they develop new skills.  

Get neurons firing at Chevron Open Minds Science School.  Collaborate to solve problems and spark a passion for learning through science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). 

Ideas for inspiration:

  • Explore the design pro​cess. Discover the connections among engineering, innovation, technology and art through collaborative design projects.
  • Spark passion for STEAM through risk taking in a safe environment with activities designed to build courage.
  • Fuel creativity and learning through play.

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Donna Kipta

Donna Kipta holds a BSc from the Faculty of Biological Sciences and a BEd both from the University of Calgary. Donn​a is a self-professed “wonderer” and has been involved in both formal and informal education for many years in a variety of settings. Since first becoming involved with Campus Calgary/Open Minds in 2004, she has inspired many learners to discover their passions and be curious. Outside of education she is especially curious about roadside geology, exploring nature, and singing in a choir.

Phone: 403.817.6846

Amy Leedham

Amy Leedham proudly holds a BSc in Anthropology and BA in Archaeology from the University of Calgary. Amy’s previous experience includes working with the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation, the University of Calgary’s Aboriginal Youth Engagement Program, and the Calgary Zoo. Her interests include embroidery, hiking, archaeology, and baking. Amy plans on pursuing a Masters in Museum Education from the University of British Columbia.

Phone: 403.817.6846





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