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A week at The Mustard Seed will engage students in hands-on learning about poverty, homelessness and social issues, thereby challenging students to consider their role in engaging in community.

With its rich history and diverse surrounding community, The Mustard Seed has the potential to move the current CC/OM model to the next level of excellence in teaching and learning in the Calgary beltline. Teachers and students will be immersed in workshops, experiential learning, and service-learning. These experiences will develop and build capacity for critical understandings of our interconnected Calgary-community.

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Kelsey Brown

SEEDschool Coordinator​​

Kelsey Brown identifies as an explorer, a humanitarian, a storyteller, and a lifelong learner. She is eager to engage students in the social services world and to encourage them to see their city from a new perspective. An Enneagram 2 and Myers-Briggs INFJ, Kelsey is highly empathetic and is keen on understanding how she can learn about others in order to help them succeed.

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Mustard Seed

102 11 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB
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