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About the CBE

About the CBE About the CBE

About the CBE

Our District

We are one school system educating more than 130,000 students in over 250 schools. More than 15,000 employees work together to provide learning as unique as every student.

Our work is guided by our Education Plan , which connects each CBE employee to student success. We must create an environment where each student can become an engaged learner, prepared for success in life, work and future learning.

We’re all committed to success for every student.

Our Mission

Each student in keeping with their individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning.

Our Values

  • Students come first.
  • Learning is our central purpose.
  • Public education serves the common good.​

Our Community

Public education is a shared responsibility. With our students, families, employees, partners and communities, we work together every day to build positive learning and working environments because when our students succeed, our communities benefit. Together, we all make a difference.

We are fortunate to have relationships with many organizations and businesses in Calgary and Alberta. These relationships are varied in the ways that they help to support education and student success​.

Learn more about our partners.

Our Leadership

The CBE is guided by an elected board of seven trustees. Trustees are elected every four years during the municipal election along with Calgary's mayor and councillors. Day-to-day operations are led by a team of superintendents who are responsible for meeting the expectations of the Board of Trustees as set out in the Board's Results policies and Operational Expectations.

Learn more about our leadership.

Our Schools and Area Offices

To manage the needs of our large school system and efficiently support our schools, we have divided our school district into seven areas in Calgary. Each Area is led by an Education​ Director who provides leadership support to principals in about 35 schools. Each school is led by a principal who is responsible for meeting the learning needs of each student.

Our Service Units

Service units provide support to schools by:

  • helping teachers develop the best teaching methods and tools for student learning
  • hiring and developing the skills of our employees
  • looking after our schools and buildings
  • maintaining and improving learning technology
  • managing our finances
  • providing other services such as legal and communications support

Our Policies and Regulations

Governance Policies

The Board of Trustees has a set of policies called Policies and Operational Expectations that enables it to govern and monitor the outcomes and operations of the CBE. The Results are the Board’s expected outcomes for all students. Operational Expectations explain the responsibilities and work of the Chief Superintendent.

Administrative Regulations

The Chief Superintendent has policies called Administrative Regulations  that guide every aspect of school and service unit operations. These include all aspects of our school system such as student registration, nutrition in schools and how much homework is appropriate for different grade levels.

Facts & Figures

Number of Students

For the 2022-23 School year CBE enrolment is 131,215 students, including Home Education, Outreach, Unique Settings, Chinook Learning and CBe-learn (our online learning program). This represents an increase of 5,886 students compared to 2021-22.

2022-23 School Ye​​ar







Grades 1-3


Grades 4-6


Grades 7-9


Grades 10-12




Self Contained Special Ed.*




A detailed breakdown of enrolment numbers, by school and type ​​of programming is contained in the 2022-23 School Enrolment Report​.

​Number of​​ Schools

The CBE currently operates 251 schools across Calgary.

Total number of schools for the 2022-23 school year


​​​​​​ ​

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