Leadership Area Offices

Area Offices

​Our schools are organized into seven areas, with each school belonging to an area. Each area has an administrative office, which is led by two education directors. The area office helps deliver system services to its schools, supports principals in school operations and ensures effective collaboration amongst schools where appropriate. All area offices also work collaboratively together to ensure consistent leadership and direction for principals and schools across the system.

Area offices also work to address issues that cannot be resolved at the school level. It is important that people first work with school principals to address any concerns or questions they may have. If the principal is unable to find resolution to the issue, you can contact your area office.

Our Planning department works very closely with area offices when any school/program moves or closures are being considered.

Area 1

Parkdale Centre
728 – 32 Street NW
Calgary AB, T2N 2V9

t | 403-777-8710
e | Area1@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors
Christine Davies
Prem Randhawa (Acting)

Area 2

Mount View Centre
2004 – 4 Street NE
Calgary AB T2E 3T8

t | 403-777-8720
e | Area2@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors 
Chris Meaden
Teresa Martin

Area 3

Forest Lawn High School
1304 – 44 Street SE
Calgary AB T2A 1M8

t | 403-777-6820
e | Area3@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors 
Scott MacNeill
Dianne Roulson

Area 4

Marlborough Centre
4711 Maryvale Drive NE
Calgary AB T2A 3A1

t | 403-777-6233
e | Area4@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors
Calvin Davies
Lori Pritchard

Area 5

Douglasdale School
390 Douglas Park Blvd SE
Calgary AB T2Z 4A3

t | 403-777-8412
e | Area5@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors
Ann Ard
Mike Nelson

Area 6

Haysboro Centre
1123 – 87 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2V 0W2

t | 403-777-8780
e | Area6@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors
Darlene Unruh
Martin Poirier

Area 7

A.E. Cross School
3445 – 37 Street SW
Calgary AB T3E 3C2

t | 403-777-8750
e | Area7@cbe.ab.ca

Education Directors
Lori Cooper
David Dyck


You can see which Area your school is in on our Schools by Area page. ​​​

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