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Calgary Board of Education students have equitable access to quality, sustainable language learning programs and courses. We are proud to offer our students a range of Immersion and Bilingual programs as well as a variety of Language and Culture programs.​

​Immersion and Bilingual Language Programs

Students enrolled in a language program or course may choose to take a language credentialing exam.

Our schools may also offer students the opportunity to take international language and culture courses in Grades 4-7.

Language and Culture Programs

Our Language and Culture Programs provide students with the opportunity to learn another language if they have not been in an Immersion or Bilingual program.

The courses are offered at different levels:

  • 3-year language instruction starts in Grade 10
  • 6-year language instruction starts in Grade 7
  • 9-year language instruction starts in Grade 4

Language and Culture Courses include:

  • American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  • Chinese (Mandarin) Language and Culture
  • French as a Second Language
  • German Language and Culture
  • Italian Language and Culture
  • Punjabi Language and Culture
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Japanese Language and Culture
  • Latin Language and Culture

Contact your school to find out which Language and Culture Courses are offered.

Language Course Challenge – Level 30 and 35

We have a process in place for students who wish to challenge the Level 30 or 35 language courses we teach. Challenges m​ay be made twice a year in Fall and Spring. Requests must be made at the school and submitted before the deadline. A signed form is required. The process is outlined in the guide below.

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