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We work with schools to ensure the attendance of students in accordance with The Alberta School Act and our Student Code of Conduct | Administrative Regulation 6005.

In consultation with the School Support Team, Attendance Services assists schools in the development and implementation of a Personalized Attendance Improvement Plan. This may involve interventions like community counselling, program modifications, or other interventions tailored to the student.

If the Personalized Attendance Improvement Plan fails to improve a student's attendance, a referral to the Attendance Board may be made. Attendance Services becomes actively involved in the possible modifications to the plan, which may include legal intervention.


Members of our suspension team meet with students who have been suspended from their community school for longer than 5 days to determine whether the student will be re-instated in the community school or expelled in accordance with Section 24 of The Alberta School Act and Student Code of Conduct | Administrative Regulation 6005.  Following the decision by the Board Delegate, students must then be returned to the suspending school or directed to an appropriate available educational program. Various supports and recommendations result from these hearings to ensure success for the student. 

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