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Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations

Our work is guided by policies and regulations that describe the expectations of the Board of Trustees and the Chief Superintendent.

Governance Policies

Governance policies enable the Board of Trustees to effectively lead, direct, inspire and control the outcomes and operations of the district through a set of very carefully crafted policy statements and effective monitoring of them.

Our governance policies are grouped into four categories, each serving a distinct purpose. The four categories are:

  • Governance Culture: the expectations the Board of Trustees has for individual and collective behavior
  • Board/Chief Superintendent Relationship: the Board has defined in policy how authority is delegated to the Chief Superintendent, and how the Chief Superintendent's performance will be evaluated.
  • Operational Expectations: These policies describe the actions and decisions the Board would find either absolutely necessary or totally unacceptable.
  • Results: These are our statements of outcomes for each student in our district.

Administrative Regulations

Administrative regulations (or ARs) are the Chief Superintendent’s regulations and guidelines for the work done by the CBE. 

Education Plan

Student success is at the centre of all our decisions. Achieving student success requires commitment from every part of CBE's community – employees, students, parents, industry leaders and government. It requires a vision of what success looks like for each student and a plan for how we get there.

Our Education Plan guides our work and​ connects each employee in CBE to our ultimate goal of student success. Everything we do to support students falls under four categories within this plan; learning excellence, people excellence, collaborative partnership and strategic resourcing. Our plan is also aligned with the direction of Alberta Education and the principles of inclusiveness, fairness, diversity, belonging, citizenship, choice, engagement and excellence.


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