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Supports for Students

Supports for Students Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

We have more than 132 interpreters who provide interpretation and translation support in 41 languages. There is no cost to families for language interpretation services.

Getting an Interpreter

You can request an interpreter to help you communicate effectively in a meeting with a teacher or CBE staff if you are a:

  • parent or guardian
  • adult high school student

There are different ways you can request a language interpreter’s support:

  • On page 3 of your child’s Student Registration Form, please indicate "yes" for “Do you need assistance with interpretation”
  • Ask a staff member in your child’s school to request a language interpreter on your behalf
  • Ask your child to request a language interpreter on your behalf

It is a good idea to request an interpreter for:

  • parent-teacher conferences
  • meetings with school staff
  • meetings with other Calgary Board of Education staff

Having an interpreter at a meeting will improve everyone’s understanding of the discussion.

Sign Language Interpreters

Speak to the staff at your child’s school to request a sign language interpreter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q | What should I do if I have questions or concerns about your services or of the language interpreter?

A | ​​​​​​Please try to speak with a staff member in your child's school.

Q | Can I provide my own language interpreter?

A | Yes. As parent, you have the right to have your own language interpreter to all your meetings. Having an interpreter will ensure improved communication between you and your child’s school.

Q | If I want to work as a language interpreter with Calgary Board of Education, who should I contact?

A | Please contact the Language Interpreter Desk at or 403-817-7357

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