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Renting CBE Space

Renting CBE Space Public Use of Schools and Facilities

Public Use of Schools and Facilities

Schools and other CBE facilities can be used by registered non-profit organizations or societies when the use will not conflict with the school program or school needs. CBE Administrative Regulation 8004 and the Joint Use Agreement between Calgary Recreation, Calgary Catholic School District an​d the CBE govern the public’s use of schools and other CBE facilities.​

Book a Space

Type of Rental Booking Information

Board or School Sponsored

CBE Rentals
e |
t | 403-817-6300

Public Use

City of Calgary Bookings
t | 403-268-3800, option 2

Access 3-6

e |

Southern Alberta Heritage
Language Association

e |
t | 403-233-7988

Before and After School or Preschool
e |
t  | 403-817​​-6296​​

Types of Facility Rentals

Board or School Sponsored

A school-sponsored activity is an activity that the school principal or their designate authorizes by planning, organizing and actively supervising for the benefit of the school and its students while abiding by the existing laws and regulations that guide the Calgary Board of Education.

This type of rental is covered by an agreement with the Calgary Board of Education.

Public Use

Rentals that are not board or school sponsored are considered public use events and can be booked through Calgary Recreation including School/Parent society activities.

Before booking, consider which type of space you want to use. There are two types of rental areas in a school facility:

  • Public Use Area including  gymnasiums, shower rooms, auxiliary gymnasiums, multi-use areas, cafeteria eating areas and common areas.
  • Instructional Areas including career and technology facilities, classrooms, libraries, fine and performing arts facilities.

Note | The school principal’s permission is ALWAYS necessary for public use of instructional areas.

Access 3-6

Access 3-6 is a centralized process for allowing non-profit service providers to run programs for children and youth in schools during the after school hours (prior to 6 p.m.).

This program was developed in collaboration with The City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education, and the Calgary Catholic School District.

Programs are open to all children and youth in the community. Completed applications will be sent to the respective school boards for approval of time and space.

A permit will be issued by The City of Calgary for all approved applications. A fee is applied to each permit to provide partial cost recovery for the use of space during the Access 3-6 timeframe.

Application forms are available online, or by emailing

The most notable difference between Access 3-6 and school sponsored programs is that school staff are not involved in any aspect of these programs.

Schools can enquire about potential programming opportunities by contacting:

The City of Calgary
Calgary After School
e |

Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association (SAHLA)

Groups that would like to rent a CBE school to teach a language as a Heritage Language School must be a member of the Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association (SAHLA). Download the Southern Alberta Heritage Language School (SAHLA) Guidelines to learn more.

Before and After School Programs

We do not operate before and after school programs. However, before and/or after school programs are offered in some of our schools by third party operators. 

For operators looking to lease school space for a before and after school program, contact Real Estate and Leasing for more information or to obtain an application. e |  t | 403-817-6296 

Wireless and Internet Access

Wi-Fi and Internet Access Terms and Condition for Rentals and Leasing CBE Facilities​s​

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