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Preschool Early Development Centre Preschool Program

Early Development Centre Preschool Program

The Early Development Centres (EDC) supports pre-school children who have been identified with severe delays/disabilities. These may be delays in speech and language, social, emotional, or behavioral development, and/or physical/medical development. Through play in a language-rich environment, we are able to better prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond. Early intervention support is partially funded through Alberta Education’s Program Unit Funding (PUF).

Eligibility for Attending an EDC Program

Children need to be 3 years on or before December 31 of the current school year and have been identified with severe delays/disabilities by a qualified professional (pediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist).

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Within the classroom each child will receive specific services targeting their identified needs and strengths. Teachers personalize instruction and attend to each child’s learning so they can all participate, progress, and achieve. Class sizes typically fall between 10 and 12 children.  

The EDC classroom offers an enhanced support team that may include:

  • Certified teachers
  • Early Childhood Practitioners/Educational Assistants
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Speech Language Assistants
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Family Oriented Programming Facilitators
  • Music Therapist
  • Psychology
  • Behavioural Analysts/Behaviour Consultants
  • School Family Liaison

Children attend the program Monday through Thursday in either the morning or the afternoon. Transportation services are available to children that meet the criteria for our program. For more information on the closest EDC location to you, please consult our EDC Boundary Map on the right.


Alex Munro School
427 - 78 Avenue NE
Calgary AB T2K 0R9
t | 403-777-6600

Children's Village School
1210 Russet Road NE
Calgary AB T2ED 5L5
t | 403-777-6114

Coventry Hills School
12350 Coventry Hills Way NE
Calgary AB T3K 5S9
t | 403-777-6025

Douglas Harkness School
6203 - 24 Avenue NE
Calgary AB T1Y 2C5
t | 403-777-6720

Emily Follensbee School
5139 - 14 Street SW
Calgary AB T2T 3W5
t | 403-777-6980

Falconridge School
1331 Falconridge Dr NE
Calgary AB T3J 1T4
t | 403-777-6730

James Short Memorial School
6333 - 5 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2A 3V7
t | 403-777-8170

Keeler School
4807 Forego Avenue SE
Calgary AB T2A 2C4
t | 403-777-8180

McKenzie Lake School
16210 McKenzie Lake Way SE
Calgary AB T2Z 1L7
t | 403-777-6500

Niitsitapi Learning Centre
3743 Dover Ridge Drive SE
Calgary AB T2B 2E1
t | 403-817-3404

North Haven School
4922 North Haven Drive NW
Calgary AB T2K 2K2
t | 403-777-6220

O.S. Geiger School
100 Castlebrook Drive NE
Calgary AB T3J 2J4
t | 403-777-6950

Terrace Road School
2103 - 46 Street NW
Calgary, AB T3B 1B3
t | 403-777-6080

Tuscany School
990 Tuscany Drive NW
Calgary AB T3L 2T4
t | 403-777-8060

Woodbine School
27 Woodfield Way SW
Calgary, AB T2W 5E1
t | 403-777-8630

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