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Come Volunteer With Us

​Come Volunteer with Us

We welcome volunteers in the classroom, on field trips and with certain tasks at school or at home. Certain activities or field trips would not be possible without the active participation of our volunteers.

As a CBE volunteer, you are placed in a position of trust with students, staff or property.  All adult volunteers require a valid security clearance - no exceptions.

Guest speakers or visitors to the school, and parents assisting their own child only are not considered to be volunteers, and do not require a security clearance.

Volunteer Security Clearance Process

Prospective volunteers must first register as a volunteer at the school office. School administrators will verify your identity and register you in our volunteer database. You will then be provided with a letter enabling you to obtain a police information check from the Calgary Police Service (CPS).

The CPS has an online system, electronic Police Information Check (ePIC), which you will use to obtain your police check after you receive your CBE volunteer letter. If you are unable to complete the process online, you may visit a police information check location instead.

Your security clearance is valid for five years and the $15 cost is covered by the CBE.

Please note, prospective volunteers must reside in Canada for a full year before registering. Police clearances from countries other than Canada are not accepted.

Volunteer Registration

You must also complete the annual CBE volunteer registration form. By completing the form, you agree to abide by the conditions that protect the safety, confidentiality and working environment of our schools. You also make a signed declaration with regard to criminal charges.

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