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Health & Wellness in School Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Health

​Supporting Positive Mental Health and Well-being

We want all students to be successful in their learning, and we recognize that positive mental health enables students to fully participate in their learning. When teachers identify students who appear to be struggling with mental health and well-being, we work with community partners to refer and suggest resources for students and their families. Supporting student mental health and well-being takes a village: students, families, Alberta Health Services, community supports and school staff all play a role - Roles in Supporting Student Mental Health.

The work of the CBE is aligned with the work of Alberta Education. Alberta Education collaborated with school authorities, community partners and cross-ministry partners who shared their expertise in the development of a resource entitled Working Together To Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools​. This resource is an invitation for schools, their partners and families to reflect on current practices, leverage current initiatives and consider how the promotion of mental health and well-being can be more effectively embedded in school and system policies, practices and services. As understanding about mental health and well-being, brain development, learning environments and school communities evolve; best practices will also change and evolve.


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​Community Education Service(CES) delivers FREE, online, evidence-based education for parents, caregivers, and community members on topics related to child and youth emotional wellness and health. You can view recorded and upcoming webinars, subscribe to the newsletter, or visit the program website for a complete list of services.


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