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We’re Better Toget​her

We value successful partnerships with community agencies, business organizations, service groups, not-for-profit organizations, government, and post-secondary institutions that enhance student success.

Our partners share our mission to ensure “Eac​h student in keeping with their individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in live, work and continue learning”.

We are always looking to partner with organizations and individuals who are committed to student success in the areas of:

  • supporting the whole child
  • enhancing learning experiences for student success
  • equipping students with tools for learning
  • providing opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom

Our Values

We value and participate in partnerships that support the system and schools in a variety of ways that:
  • enhance the quality, relevance, and personalization of education for students
  • treat students fairly and equitably
  • serve an identifiable educational need
  • are mutually beneficial and provide opportunities for all partners to meet their shared social responsibilities for public education
  • are based on clear expectations, shared or aligned objectives and defined roles and responsibilities
  • acknowledge and celebrate each partner’s contributions through appropriate forms of recognition
  • are consistent with our corporate policies and regulations
We appreciate the contributions of our many partners and donors to help our students achieve their dreams. By working together, we can make a difference for our students. ​ 
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