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Language and Culture Courses

​Grades 4-6

Each school decides if it will offer instruction in an additional language. Decisions about additional language instruction are made by the school principal, in consultation with school staff, parents, and where possible, with students. Groups of schools serving students from the same communities will work together to provide a continuity of experience in second language instruction from Grades 4-9.

Students will participate in an additional language instruction if it is offered in their school.

Intensive French​ is an innovative approach to teaching French as a second language.  Intensive French is offered at Nose Creek School, Elboya School, and Bob Edwards School.

Grades 7-9

Students can register in an additional language course; however they are not required to take an additional language.

Language and Culture and French as a Second Language courses within the Alberta Program of Studies offer various entry points at the elementary and junior high levels with continuing courses at the senior high school level. Students participating in second language instruction will be provided with the appropriate level of instruction from the Program of Studies to ensure that they are engaged, supported and motivated as learners, whether they are novice or experienced language learners.

Adult Language Learning

Chinook Learning Services offers personal development language classes for adults in French, German, Italian, Sign Language and Spanish.

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