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Registration Kindergarten to Grade 9

Kindergarten to Grade 9

Steps to Registering

  1. Bring the completed registration form, original documents showing your child’s proof of age and legal name (birth certificate, passport, or court documents) and proof of your address (the principal may ask to see one or more of the following:  driver’s licence, municipal/federal correspondence, financial/residential documents or a utility bill) to your designated school. Every child in Calgary has a designated CBE school based on their primary address and program. Use our find a school tool to determine your designated school.
  2. If your child is not a Canadian citizen, please note the steps at the bottom of this page.

When to Register​


Our schools are closed for the summer. If your children are Canadian citizens you will register directly with your school when they re-open in August. Check your school's website for their back-to-school information. If your children are not Canadian citizens please call our admissions department at 403-777-7373 to make a registration appointment.


Registration for the 2019-20 school year begins on Monday, January 14, 2019.

For most children, kindergarten is their first step into school.

Learn more about kindergarten.

My 1st Ride

The CBE offers a school bus orientation program for first-time riders and their parents, called My 1st Ride. Registration begins April 20.

When Can My Child Begin Kindergarten?

Use our kindergarten calculator to see when your child is eligible to attend kindergarten. Under our current regulations, children must be at least four years old on or before March 1 to start kindergarten in September of the same calendar year.

Note: Children can start kindergarten in the fall of 2020 if they turn 5 years old on or before Dec. 31, 2020. This change is the result of amendments to the School Act made by the provincial government in Dec. 2017 that requires a common age of entry for all Alberta school boards effective for the 2020-21 school year.

Children must start school if they are six years of age or older on Sept. 1.

 Kindergarten Calculator

Child's date of birth
Your child may begin kindergarten in
New to Calgary

Canadian students who move to Calgary during the school year can register directly at their designated school.

If you are arriving in the summer, visit your school website to see when your school is open for registration during the summer. Most schools are open for registration at the end of August, and modified calendar schools are open mid-August.

Non-Canadian students must register at the Kingsland Centre, which is open both during the school year and also through most of the summer to help families who are new to Canada. Please see the Non-Canadian Students section at the bottom of this page for more details.

Program Options

Along with our regular program, we offer several program options to suit the unique learning needs, interests and abilities of your child. All of our programs follow the Alberta Program of Studies mandated curriculum. Our regular program is the most popular choice among parents, but our alternative programs continue to grow. Choose the best option for your child.

Parents of new kindergarten registrants must complete a CBE registration form at each alternative program or school in which they are expressing an interest.

Find a School

Every child in Calgary has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose.

Find your designated school with our find a school tool along with the school’s contact information and website address.

Lottery Process

If your designated school is full a lottery may be held to determine who is able to attend the school. Students who are not successful in the lottery will be designated to a different school.

Out-of-Boundary Students

You can apply to attend any school, even if it is not your designated community school. Each principal determines if their school has capacity to accept out-of-boundary students, usually after enrolment numbers are determined.

For more information, contact the school you're interested in attending directly. If the school confirms, you can complete the Request to Transfer form (below).

Request to Transfer to Another CBE School

If you would like to transfer from one CBE school to another, please refer to the instructions in the request to transfer form for either:

When you are transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school, you will be automatically designated to your new school.

Non-Canadian Students

Children who are not Canadian citizens must register at the Admissions and Assessment Office at Kingsland Centre (7430 – 5 Street SW), even if they have attended school elsewhere in Canada.

  • Landed immigrants (Permanent Residents)
  • Refugees
  • Children of individuals who are lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent or temporary residence, or non-residents
  • International fee-paying students who are approved by the CBE’s Global Learning

Registration at Kingsland for non-Canadian students is by appointment only. Call 403-777-7373 to make an appointment to register. Interpreters are available to assist at this appointment.

If necessary, an English language assessment will be done to determine your child’s English skills.

For more information see New to Canada.​​

 Contact Us

​To find out more about registration at your school, please contact your school directly.


For general questions about registration at the CBE call the CBE School Information Line:

t | 403-817-​7955

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