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Managing Space For Students

Managing Space For Students School Planning

School Planning

To manage the space we have for students in our schools, we make adjustments to program offerings or designations, anticipate capacity issues, monitor and develop transportation solutions and prioritize new school construction and school closure considerations based on student populations, programming, and community needs.

Our Three-Year System Student Accommodation Plan identifies schools and communities facing accommodation challenges over the next three years, and our plans to manage those challenges. 

There are several possible scenarious within a school community which may initiate an engagement with parents, students, staff and other interested stakeholders.
These issues may include:
  • changes to the communities that the school serves
  • changes to the grades offered in the school
  • the school, or a program offered at the school, is being considered for closure
  • School system-wide changes to an alternative program
  • Unplanned issues
Decisions about student accommodation take into account feedback from parents, students, school staff and people who live in the neighbourhood when considering scenarios and implementing changes. CBE administration is responsible for making decisions about how space is managed within our schools to educate students.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for making decisions where the recommendation involves a consideration of closure.

Managing space for students is complex in our large system with many competing needs. We continue to face challenges:
  • We continue to grow and welcome new students to our system each year.
  • Most of the growth that happens in Calgary occurs in new and developing communities, many of which do not have an existing school.
  • We also need funds to maintain and fix aging schools, 70 per cent of which are over 40 years old.


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