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​NEW | Specialized classes are accessed through an internal referral and placement process. Referrals for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) are considered for students registered in the Calgary Board of Education, have an Alberta Education code for giftedness and are supported by an Individual Program Plan (IPP) where, minimally, one priority learning cycle has been completed. Contact your current CBE principal for additional information on the GATE referral process.

We provide excellent programming for students with exceptional and special needs.  Every student has unique learning styles, so we work with students, parents and community organizations to personalize the support for each student.

The unique learning styles of students w​ith giftedness can usually be successfully met in their community schools.  The Calgary Board of Education also offers classes with more specialized support. 

Alberta Education’s defines Gifted as:

Alberta Education defines giftedness as “exceptional potential and/or performance across a wide range of abilities in one or more areas. Each school authority establishes its own assessment process for identifying giftedness and ensuring appropriate educational programming”.

Taken from Alberta Government Special Education Coding Criteria 2018-2019

In the CBE, to be identified as a gifted learner, the CBE student has a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) and/or General Ability Index (GAI) at or above the 98th percentile (standard score 130 or above), as measured on an individually administered intelligence test.  

Inclusion in a Community Setting  

In Alberta, educating students with special education needs begins in an inclusive community school setting and is the first placement option to be considered. CBE school staff in consultation with parents, creates an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) which addresses the specific educational needs of the student and identifies conditions for academic success. 

Consideration for placement in one of the GATE Specialized Classes is a collaborative process among parents, teachers, strategists, specialists, and other professional staff as needed.


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