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Modified Calendar

Modified C​alendar​

For more detail see the instructional calendar explanation.​

​In December 2022, the decision was made to transition most modified calendar schools to the traditional calendar for 2023-24 school year. Some unique setting schools will continue to follow a modified calendar.  ​

What is a Modified Calendar

​Approximately 30 schools and programs are following a modified calendar in the 2022-23 school year. These schools share common non-instructional days with traditional calendar schools. Modified calendar schools also have an additional break in October, and longer winter and spring breaks.

Modified Calendar Schools

In the 2022-23 school year the below schools are following the modified calendar.

Please note: Keeler School is not operating on the modified calendar in 2022-23 as a temporary measure ​due to renovations taking place at the school. The school previously operated on the modified calendar. 

​2022-2023 Modified Calendar Schools
  • ​Abbeydale School
  • Bob Edwards School
  • Cappy Smart School
  • Catherine Nichols Gunn School
  • Crossing Park School
  • Douglas Harkness School
  • Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School
  • Erin Woods School
  • Ernest Morrow School
  • Falconridge School
  • G.W. Skene​ School
  • Grant MacEwan School
  • Ian Bazalgette School
  • James Short Memorial School
  • Manmeet Singh Bhullar School
  • ​​Marlborough School
  • Niitsitapi Learning Centre
  • O. S. Geiger School
  • Patrick Airlie School
  • Penbrooke Meadows School
  • Radisson Park School
  • Roland Michener School
  • Rundle School
  • Taradale School
  • Ted Harrison School
  • Terry Fox School
  • Valley View School
  • ​West Dover School

Other Calendars

These unique settings will continue to follow the modified calendar going forward.

2022-2023 Unique Settings
  • ​Children’s Village School
  • ​Dr. Gordon Townsend School​
  • Dr. Oakley School
  • Emily Follensbee School
  • William Roper Hull School
  • George Wood Learning Centre
  • William Taylor Learning Centre​​​

Future Calendars

​Tentative calendars are provided to help families look at planning ahead; however, unforeseen circumstances may require changes to any school instructional calendar.

To see your school’s specific calendar please visit the sc​hool website or call the school office.​

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