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Assessment & Reporting Understanding Assessment & Reporting

Understanding Assessment & Reporting

​We know it’s important for parents to understand how their children are doing in school. You may have questions about your child’s report card, how your child is being assessed in school, and how to read and interpret the report card.  Please visit our FAQ page to find important information on report cards and answers to some of your questions including the following:

  • What is assessment?
  • How are assessment and grading related?
  • What is outcomes-based reporting?
  • How can parents use an outcomes-based report card to help support their child’s learning?
  • What does an outcomes-based report card look like?
  • What are stems?
  • What are achievement indicators?
  • How are the stems developed?
  • How will I know how well my child is doing in school?
  • If my child transfers to another school division how will they understand my child’s progress?
  • How does a teacher use multiple assessment tools to determine a final grade?
  • How will behavior, punctuality, and participation be graded?
  • Who do I contact if I have questions or comments about reporting and assessment practices at my child’s school?

The Alberta Programs of Study are changing, and like many other school divisions in the province, the CBE is redesigning assessment and reporting practices to reflect these changes. We are developing resources to help teachers, students and parents see and understand student progress and achievement. This process of redesign will continue to evolve over a number of years as we work with our schools and parents to develop a rich and varied approach to assessment across all grades and a common report card for

Assessment is not just about report cards. They are one of the ways schools communicate with parents about their child’s progress and achievement at certain times of the year. Assessment happens every day, in every classroom, throughout the school year. Assessing a student’s progress is one of the most important ways we support the continued learning of our students.

We invite you to learn more about assessment as we work together to develop assessment and reporting practices that support the continued success of our students. 

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