New Capital Projects Announced for CBE

Mar. 02, 2023

​Modernization, New School Funding Announced for CBE

On Tuesday, March 1, the Government of Alberta announced full, planning or pre-planning funding for all of the Year One and two of the Year Two priorities identified on the CBE’s 2023-26 Three-Year School Capital Plan.

The announcement includes:

Modernization Funding

  • Full construction funding for a modernization of John G. Diefenbaker High School
  • Planning dollars for a modernization of Annie Gale School
  • Pre-planning dollars for modernizations of Sir John A. MacDonald and A.E. Cross s​chools

New School Funding

  • Planning funding for a new high school in the community of Cornerstone
  • Pre-planning funding for a new middle school in the community of Saddle Ridge

“Oh behalf of CBE students, staff and families, we thank the Government of Alberta for today’s capital announcement,” said Laura Hack, Chair of the CBE Board of Trustees.  “These investments in infrastructure are vital to support student learning opportunities across our system.

“New schools are always welcome and necessary ​in growing communities, and the schools announced for Cornerstone and Saddle Ridge will enable students to attend school closer to home.”

In recent years, the Board of Trustees has placed an emphasis on modernization requests. More than half of CBE schools are over 50 years old and require upgrades to ensure that students are learning in up-to-date environments.

“Modernizations breathe new life into older schools, and create dynamic spaces for all students to learn,” said Hack. “Investing in CBE’s schools ensures Alberta’s youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and contribute to a strong and prosperous Alberta.”

The 2024-27 Three-Year School Capital Plan will come to a public board meeting later in March.

Ministers Neudorf and LaGrange with School Board Chairs Cathie Williams (CCSD) and Laura Hack (CBE) and MLA Matt Jones at the capital project announcement.