Talk Together, Be Together, Lead Together | Student Voice Symposium

May. 07, 2019

​The Calgary Board of Education values student voice as integral to student success. On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, approximately 140 CBE students from Grades 7-12 participated in the tenth annual Student Voice Symposium. This year’s theme was ‘Talk Together, Be Together, Lead Together’ and the event was supported by EducationMatters

Led by the Chief Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (CSSAC), participating students had the opportunity to lend their individual and collective voices to discussions about their education, lives and futures. In small groups, students were given a design challenge task through which they uncovered the things, people and spaces that help them learn best at school. They shared and listened with empathy as they engaged in small group conversations to prototype their group's top three factors that support success at school.

Student thoughts, feedback and suggestions were captured for the purpose of being shared with CBE leadership. Overall, it was an incredible evening where students talked passionately about their education, and many managed to make new friends across the system.