Hub Online Learning Preparation | Sept. 8, 2020 8:45 AM

Sep. 08, 2020


Dear Parents / Guardians / Independent Students, 

We are happy to share more information about Hub Online Learning, and to provide important information in preparation for independent student work to begin the week of Sept. 8 - 11.

Digital classrooms are being set up to include:  

  • a collection of learning resources; and 

  • information on essential technical requirements and skills.

On Sept. 8, all students registered in Hub Online Learning are advised to visit the website CBE Hub Online. It is strongly recommended this page is bookmarked. This site is divided into three content areas for each grade level: 

  •  introduction to essential elements of online learning, 

  •  learning activities for the week of Sept 8-11, and 

  •  technical help and support. 

Resources and supports for each student’s online journey will continue to be added and updated to this page over the school year. 

Additional information will be sent to our families / independent students the week of Sept. 8 – Sept. 11 as we prepare for real-time teacher instruction scheduled to begin between Sept.14 and Sept.18. 

A reminder that no school fees are being charged for students registered in Hub Online Learning. Therefore, all school supplies are to be provided by parents / guardians / independent students. 


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