Suggestions for Learning from Home | Grades 10-12

Mar. 19, 2020

​Class cancellations are unusual and challenging events. During this short period before spring break, we encourage families to maintain a balanced and consistent routine for children; including regular sleeping and eating times, breaks for activity and outdoor time, and healthy boundaries on screen time.    

During these next few days, we don't want to overwhelm students and families with programming expectations or offerings while they are adjusting to the cancellation of classes and managing childcare needs. In addition, it is important that consistent messaging and resources are offered to students across the CBE. The resources have been reviewed by CBE staff.  

For Grades 10-12 we will be making available core classes to students through Brightspace by D2L, following spring break. We need to ensure stability of the online environment for the 30,000 plus students who will be newly accessing it. For students with limited access to technology, we are exploring ways in which we can make print materials available, while still following health guidelines.   

In the meantime, and over spring break, high school students are encouraged to continue with independent exploration and review, using tools already introduced in the classroom (Brightspace by D2L, Google, etc.). We are providing you with a series of curated online and offline resources. These are available on our Learning at Home webpage.