Ongoing Learning Update | What Students in Gr. 10 - 12 Can Expect the Week of March 30, 2020

Mar. 27, 2020

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Dear Parents and Students, 

Thank you for your patience as we work out the details and determine what ongoing learning will look like for CBE students following spring break. These have been unprecedented times for everyone. We recognize that uncertainty is challenging for many of us, and that children and youth, in particular, need routine and predictability to feel safe and to thrive.  

The Ministry of Education has been clear with its expectations about where we must focus our efforts in the coming weeks. They have shared guidelines to direct student learning while in-school classes are cancelled. 

In the coming weeks, learning will look very different for all our students. We recognize that learning at home presents many challenges for our families, and that high school students in particular may feel additional pressure to complete the requirements to finish high school on time. 

Beginning next week, you or your child will hear from your school's principal and your child's teachers with information about their plan for ongoing learning. Brightspace by D2L will be the primary platform students in Grades 10 – 12 will use to access learning. Your teachers will connect with you to discuss your access to technology at home, including access to a computer and the internet. Your school is making a plan to address the needs of students without these resources and to determine how to support students with paper packages or technology loans.  

Your teachers will share information about their expectations for communication, assignments, how to submit work and will connect you with resources and supports for learning. They will share information about the best way to connect with them directly if your child has questions or concerns about their learning. They'll also ask you how you and your family are doing and encourage you to connect with wellness supports and resources available within and beyond the CBE. 

For the most part, we expect that students in Grades 10 –12 will be able to access core course work by the middle of next week. We are continuing to plan for how students might access non-core courses (such as CTS courses) in this environment and will provide updates as they are available. 

Each CBE school is unique, and we want to recognize the relationships that our schools have developed with their families. Each school may do things slightly differently, and that's okay. Every learner is different, and we will work together to support your child's learning. 

Thank you, 

Christopher Usih 
Chief Superintendent of Schools