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Ongoing Learning K-6 Parent Supports

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K-6 Parent Supports

​Off​line Activities 

  • Go for a wonder walk down your street or in a naturalized area along the way you can:
    • Go for a nature scavenger hunt, how many plants, birds, trees, winter berries, animals, manmade or natural items can you find? 
    • Take the outside in with your 5 senses. What are 5 things you can hear, 4 things you can see, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you smell, and 1 thing you can taste? 
  • Create a fort outside out of large parts such as tarps, ropes, wood, outdoor furniture, snow and other found items
  • Create an obstacle course with found and recycled objects. Think about low, medium and high levels, forward, sideways, diagonal and wavy pathways, and slow and purposeful and fast speeds. Challenge family members to complete the course.
  • Choose a favou​rite or interesting object and draw from different angles/perspectives using a medium of choice
  • Examine a family photograph or heirloom and share why it is special 
  • Read in a spooky, robot, or animal voice 
  • Pretend you are a teacher and tell a​ story to your “class", your pet, or your stuffy
  • Listen to Your Child Read 
    • Look at the cover, title, pictures and talk about what the book might be about 
    • Talk about the story so far and what might happen next 
    • Talk about the pictures and how they add meaning to the text 
    • Take turns when reading a harder book 
  • Determine and chart the times that different liquids turn solid in the freezer. 
  • Measure, Count and Record – for example, ask your child  
    • How far can you throw a ball? Take a guess, then throw the ball as far as you can and measure the distance.  
    • How many jumping jacks can you do in a minute? Try it! 
    • How many times can you jump rope or bounce a ball without missing? Count and see. 
  • Build Something Together – for example, ask your child 
    • How high can you build that stack of Legos? 
    • How many Legos do you need to stack to reach as high as the coffee table? 
    • Can you make a square? A rectangle? Other shapes? Talk about the shapes of whatever your child has created. 

​On​line Resources  

Review the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for ages 5-17 
Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines 

TumbleBook Library ( Listen and read along to animated storybooks through the Calgary Public Library (CPL). Parents and students can access resources using their free CPL Library card.

Calgary Public Library (CPL) Resources: e-books, Bookflix, music, movies, online tutoring, encyclopedias, etc. ​Parents and students can access resources using their free CPL Library card.

Kate A collection of favourite authors and illustrators share resources that include video read-alouds, drawing and writing lessons 

Starfall: songs, books and games for K-3 students 

National Geographic Young Explorer: online issues of magazines you can listen to and read along with 
Would You Rather 

  • Use comparative reasoning, critical thinking, and justification to choose between two scenarios ​
  • Suitable for ​K – 12 and roughly categorized into grade groupings 

Math Before Bed 

Prompts to inspire mathematical discussions that you and your children can have before bed, at dinner, or anytime.​

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