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Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education Dual Credit - Green Certificate

Dual Credit - Green Certificate

​ Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) works in partnership with the agriculture industry and Alberta Education to offer the Green Certificate Program to all Grade 10-12 high school students in Alberta. Trainees select one of the following specializations:

  • Bee Keeper Production Technician
  • Cow-Calf Beef Production Technician
  • Dairy Production Technician
  • Feedlot Beef Production Technician
  • Field Crop Production Technician
  • Irrigated Field Crop Production Technician


  • Sheep Production Technician
  • Swine Production Technician
  • Greenhouse Technician
  • Equine Technician
  • Poultry Production Technician

Under the guidance of their own trainer, students work towards mastering all of the skills within their training program.

Program B​​e​nefits

  • Earn Level 1 (technician level) of an agriculture apprenticeship while still in high school
  • Have fun learning more about agriculture in a practical, hands-on environment
  • Increase your knowledge and skill level and gain valuable work experience, to be added to your resume for future work opportunities
  • Reach further educational goals; many post-secondary agricultural institutions and scholarship programs look favorably upon Green Certificate involvement
  • Explore career options in the agriculture industry
  • Earn recognition for what you already do on the farm​
  • Cre​​dits - 16, 30​ le​​​vel CTS​​

Student Eli​​gib​​ility

Open to CBE high school students who:

  • Are in grades 10-12 during the program and minimum 15 years of age
  • have completed the following pre-requisite course:
    • AGR3000


  • Students must have access to an agricultural facility (within 50 km of Calgary city limits) and provide their own trainer.
  • The program follows guidelines from Alberta Education’s Off-campus Education Handbook, requiring a workplace inspection and supervising teacher.
  • Students must be available for testing at least once per school year
    • Each subject area requires a trainee to successfully complete 3 tests in order to receive their certificate.
    • The tests are oral and practical, hands-on tests. Trainees will have to be able to describe and talk about the information in the curriculum book, as well as show a tester using machinery/animals/props provided at the test site.

Program Delivery ​​​& Location

  • Students work alongside their trainer at their own pace at their designated agricultural facility
  • Testing occurs multiple times throughout the year in Olds, Hanna and Cochrane

Program​​ Date​​s

  • Students can register at any time through the school year
  • Students have until the end of their grade 12 year to complete their Green Certificate program

How to Ap​​ply

  • Students must attend an online information/induction session with the Olds College Green Certificate coordinator. Please email Tom Wong at ttwong@cbc.ab.ca  for dates and information. ​
  • Program Partner​

    Olds College

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