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In language programs, students develop communicative competencies and learn to be global citizens.

In Bilingual and French Immersion programs, students have the opportunity to develop a second language as they learn the same curriculum as students registered in the English program. Bilingual and Immersion Programs support students to become functionally fluent while achieving the learner outcomes of all core and complementary courses. Students develop sufficient language proficiency to consider pursuing post-secondary education as well as employment opportunities in French, Spanish, German or Mandarin.

In our Language and Culture courses, students develop basic levels of communicative competency. Performance-based programs offer students diverse and multiple means of developing their communication skills, linguistic knowledge, cultural understanding, intercultural competence and language learning strategies. Students use their life experiences, knowledge, skills and attitudes as a basis for developing their second-language communicative abilities for real-life purposes.

All language programs share common goals such as the development of cultural and intercultural competencies, metalinguistic awareness and communicative capacity for personal needs. The development of cultural and intercultural competencies supports students in becoming responsible global citizens. Second language education promotes personal development by encouraging students to take risks and persevere with challenges in the learning process.

​Learning an additional language provides students with opportunities to develop the competencies required of engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit. ​​

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