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In Mathematics students explore ideas ranging from the most basic of hu​man experience such as pattern, shape and number to the most intellectually rigorous and abstract such as proof, paradox, chaos, and infinity. 

At its core, Mathematics is about reasoning, problem solving, and explanation.  From Kindergarten to Grade 12 students: construct and develop their ability to reason mathematically and logically; identify and solve complex problems; construct and apply mathematical models; and advance their symbolic reasoning and communication skills. 

At each grade level students explore topics related to: Number; Shape, Space, and Measurement; Patterns, Relations, and Functions; and Statistics and Probability.  Students are expected to look for and discover connections between math topics, between Mathematics and its applications, and to develop an appreciation for the value of mathematics within society.

Mathematics is part of the human quest for truth and understanding.  Mathematical literacy, numeracy, reasoning, and problem solving are growing in importance in our technical world.  Indeed, learning to think, reason, and communicate in mathematical terms is essential to becoming a life-long learner. 

In Mathematics students are provided with opportunities to develop the competencies required of engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.​

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