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Busing & Transportation Calgary Transit Information

Calgary Transit Information

April 2021 Update 

Effective Monday, April 19, 2021, until Friday, April 30, 2021, most Calgary Transit school express routes will be cancelled. Routes 794, 795 ,796, 797, 798 and 799 will still operate  because they also provide service to students in Grade 6.  Additionally, Plan a Trip tool can be used to find regular routes that can be used.

Calgary Transit has announced that youth customers can continue to use their April youth monthly pass until May 31. Learn more on their website:​

Please visit Calgary Transit's COVID Info – Rider Resource page for current information on their COVID-19 response.

All high school students are assigned to Calgary Transit, which determines the number of buses and the routes, based on ridership and available resources. Some residential districts have school express routes to the designated school. These routes are public transportation and can be accessed by the general public. Many residential districts do not have school express routes. Students in these residential districts must use regular service. Visit Calgary Transit's website for information on school express service variations​.

Seating capacity on a regular sized transit bus is 39, with room for another 25 to stand. The driver may limit the number of passengers or allow more, at their own discretion, in the interest of safety. School routes are not guaranteed to have capacity to carry all students. Students who cannot board the designated bus are encouraged to use regular routes to get to and from school.

Check out the Calgary Transit First Time Rider Guide​ for everything you need to know about taking transit. Please remind students to carry proof of fare.

As part of the CBE's 2020-21 waiver process families will need to apply for the City of Calgary's Fair Entry Program. This program offers a streamlined application process for City subsidy programs, including reduced rates for transit passes. You can find more information about the program at

Safety & Security 

Calgary Transit provides riders with three options to report safety or security concerns. In addition to the phone number (403-262-1000) and the help buttons/phones at bus and train stations, riders can now send a text to 74100 for assistance from transit staff. For more details, please see the Calgary Transit website​.

Grades 6 to 9 Assigned to Calgary Transit from 2020-21

​Students attending the following schools or programs are to use Calgary Transit (CT) rather than yellow school buses. In keeping with the system-wide strategy of moving more middle school riders to transit, all middle school routes will be reviewed annually to assess whether a move to Calgary Transit can be accommodated.  Please note this list is subject to change from year to year:


School Grades Program Communities Designated to Use Calgary Transit
A.E. Cross 7​-9 All All
Annie Gale 7​-9 All Coral Springs
Annie Gale ​6-9 Traditional Learning Centre Coral Springs, Taradale
Bishop Pinkham ​7-9 All North Glenmore, Discovery Ridge
​Bob Edwards ​6-9 ​French Immersion ​All (except Cityscape)
Branton ​6-9 All All
Captain Nichola Goddard ​6-9 Regular All
Colonel Macleod ​6-9 Regular Vista Heights, Mayland Heights
​Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert ​6-9 ​Regular ​Applewood Park
Dr. Gordon Higgins 7​-9 Regular Temple
Ernest Morrow ​6-9 All All
F.E.Osborne ​6-9 All All
Georges P. Vanier ​6-9 All All
Harold Panabaker 7​-9 All South of Glenmore Trail between 14 St & Macleod Trail (except Silverado), Woodlands
H.D. Cartwright 7​-9 All All
Ian Bazalgette ​6-9 All Erin Woods, West Dover
​John Ware ​7-9 ​Regular ​All
Mount Royal ​7-9 All All
Queen Elizabeth ​7-9 Regular All
​Robert Warren ​6-9 ​Spanish ​All
Senator Patrick Burns ​6-9 All All
Sir John A. Macdonald ​7-9 All All
​Sir Wilfrid Laurier ​6-9 ​TLC ​All
Special Education Programs ​7-9   ASD, DHH, LEAD, L&L, The Class, Transitions
Terry Fox ​7-9 All All (except Cornerstone)
Tom Baines ​6-9 All All

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