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Budget & Finance Operating Budget for Next Year

Operating Budget for Next Year

The CBE believes in a strong publi​​​​​​​​​c education system that supports success for each student.

​The CBE's annual budget development process begins with the Government of Alberta's budget in the new year and the related Alberta Education budget information announcements.

Once funding levels are known, the CBE considers how best to maintain programs and services at the levels necessary to support student achievement and well-being while delivering a balanced budget. 

The Board of Trustees provides direction into the budget development process through policy, the Chief Superintendent’s summative evaluation, and Board motion. 

Approval of the budget is required by the Board of Trustees and that approval is necessary by the May 31 submission deadline to the Minister of Education. 

Operationally the budget process is led by the Chief Superintendent and superintendent’s team who make decisions to ensure the budget is aligned with the Education Plan, system priorities and the Chief Superintendent’s summative evaluation.

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