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Building & Modernizing Schools School Maintenance

School Maintenance

​Each year the Province announces funding levels under its Infrastructure Maintenance & Renewal (IMR) Program made available to the CBE for the primary purpose of investing in the repair and replacement of major facility components.

The Provincial School Capital Manual (2015) outlines that school jurisdictions must utilize IMR funding to:

  • ensure school facilities meet all regulatory requirements, particularly as they pertain to providing a safe and healthy learning environment;
  • preserve and improve the quality of the learning environment by:
    • replacing building components that have failed;
    • prolonging the life of the school facility through planned, proactive replacement of major components; and
    • upgrading of the educational areas to meet programming requirements.
  • meet the facility requirements of students with special needs; and
  • replace or upgrade building components to improve energy conservation and efficiency and to achieve cost savings as a result.

In accordance with Alberta Education’s Funding Manual for School Authorities, any IMR project valued at over $1 million requires Ministerial approval.

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